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How You Could Get The Best Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is legally required for you to drive, so you should definitely have it. It can be hard to go through all of the info to find what is right for you. This article will help you understand some of the tips that make a big difference in how well the insurance process treats you. You want to do as much research as possible to find a company that will suit your needs long term, and also provide you with excellent customer service. The department of insurance will have a list of the companies, and any complaints lodged against them. What this number indicates to you is the percentage of provider claims that result in a complaint. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident and need to file a claim with your insurer, be certain to document every detail pertaining to the event. Taking pictures from your cell phone is a good way to record the location and damage of an accident. It may even make sense to keep a camera in the vehicle so that you are prepared for any circumstance. Think twice about add-ons for your vehicle that you might not need. Heated seats and a great stereo system are nice, but you do not really have to have them. When your car has a problem, insurance probably won’t reimburse these items. TIP! Make sure you know what people are saying about the insurance company you’re thinking of signing with. Shopping for auto insurance is about more than finding the lowest rates. Your insurance coverage should never be permitted to run out, even when you are switching between plans. This will keep your insurance costs lower. Lapses can easily occur when switching carriers or policies. Use caution and proper timing. If your insurance company discovers gaps in your coverage, they may raise your insurance rates. One thing that many people overlook when reviewinging car insurance is that they may not be covered for other “uninsured” drivers. You really should take this seriously as it can cost you a lot more in insurance premiums. Insuring other people that drive your vehicle will protect you in case that person does get into any type of accident. It is important that your license remains clean. The number one cause of high premiums is a bad driving record. If you cannot avoid an accident or a driving citation, look into going to traffic school to clean up your record and lower your insurance. A variety of insurance plans are available so you need to make sure you are adequately covered. Liability insurance is necessary to cover you in case of an injury to others or property damage, as well as to cover your own medical expenses and damages to your car. In addition, you will need to be covered against uninsured motorists and other potential damages to your cat, for example fire damage. TIP! Switching vehicles between members of the family can raise premiums. You will get a lower premium if you only have one name on each car. See what kind of coverages your company has, this can help you decide what you need and what you do not need. Most insurance companies can give low mileage discounts if you put 7,500 miles or less on your car each year. Furthermore, your insurance premium may be lower if you use public transportation to get to work. If that is not doable, try carpooling. Auto Insurance Do not risk driving without auto insurance! If you were to get into an accident, car insurance would be the only thing that would keep you from going into a possibly devastating financial situation. You should use the tips stated above to find the auto insurance that fits you best. If you want to get a cheaper car insurance rate, try increasing your FICO score. Auto insurance agencies will go through your credit report. More insurers have factored credit scores into their rating models lately, especially since studies show that people with poor credit tend to get in more accidents. Keep your credit in good shape and your insurance rates will stay lower. TIP! Try to get your life, home and auto insurance from the same company. You may qualify for a discount. This article has lots of information on 3 months pregnant, but you must use what you’ve learned. Do what you can whenever you can to be sure you’re getting great results. You will find success soon if you do.

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Tips to save MONEY on auto insurance

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Auto insurance is a basic necessity and something that you may not be able to avoid. It is mandatory in almost all states and every state requires the motorists to carry a minimum amount of coverage.Although you may not be able to avoid purchasing a policy you can certainly find ways in which you can bring down the costs. There is a lot of competition in the auto insurance industry. Hence, you can find some of the best deals and you don’t have to get stuck with full coverage policies. Instead, you could try to select a less expensive plan that offers all the features you require. Once you find a policy that can cover all the needs, you may look for ways in which you can reduce the premium costs. Check with the agent and find out ways in which you can cut down on the premium rates. For instance, you can bring down the premium to a considerable extent by paying a higher deductible. As the deductible gets higher, the premiums get lower. However, you must ensure that you can pay the deductible comfortably. Purchasing multiple policies from the same insurance provider will help fetch discounts. So, try and purchase your home, health, life, and auto insurance from the same service provider if possible. Another way to bring down the costs is by recording a low annual mileage. If you can prove that you drive lesser miles per year, you will actually spend much less on your car insurance as well. Having a good driver’s record is certainly a plus point. If you can prove that you are a good driver, you can get some of the best rates on your auto insurance policy. Keep your driving habits clean and free of violations and accidents, if you wish to get the best discounts. Obtaining good grades can help in fetching students a good discount on their auto insurance policies. So, students have another reason to obtain good grades. This gives the insurance company the reassurance that the student driver is responsible enough to drive the vehicle. There are a number of factors that influence auto insurance rates. The area you live in is also one of them. If you live in an area that is crime prone with incidents of vandalism, theft, and arson, you may end up paying more on your auto insurance. Shop around and obtain online quotes before you choose your insurance provider. | Article Index
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%Colombia is the third most populated country in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. High unemployment and tax increases continue to diminish personal consumption yet the Latin America countries are populous, young and rapidly growing, which is a good combination for long-term financial services growth. The national economy of Colombia has experienced a notable growth over the past few years as a result of increasing foreign investment. The year 2009 was satisfactory in terms of performance for the Colombian insurance industry. Life insurance, which acquires approximately 48.5% of the total insurance industry, successfully recorded growth during the weak economic conditions in 2009. Strong economic growth, rising savings rate, declining rate of unemployment are some of the leading factors to drive the insurance industry of Colombia. The recent past years have seen a strong surge in the demand for insurance in Colombia because of the ongoing launch of innovative products by insurers and the rising awareness among the population about the benefits of insurance products. Health insurance helps to reduce catastrophic expenses, but not all schemes reach out to the poorest people. By making this insurance easily accessible to the poor population of the country, the insurers can increase their market share in addition to providing good health condition to the country.%
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National Insurance Contributions 2012

The Sierra Leone NASSIT Ferries debacle: What is the liability of DAMEN Shipyards?

The recent publication of the highly damning report by the Department of Intelligence, Investigations and Prosecutions of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), into the procurement of dilapidated and non seaworthy ferries by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) dated May 10, 2010, represents only a tip of the iceberg into how the management of the NASSIT and its board of directors and ministry of Labor, have and continue to collude in an unholy alliance to systematically plunder the resources of such a laudable institution. The activities and glaring failure of due diligence by DAMEN Shipyards in the purchase of these ferries also calls for additional investigations of their role in the fleecing of poor Sierra Leone workers hard earned contributions in the pension funds.

The ministry of Labor, which bears ultimate oversight responsibility over both the management and board activities of the nation’s sole workers pension trust fund, has largely performed a very poor oversight of the NASSIT as evidenced by its participation in the decision and purchase of these overinflated cost ferries. The inclusion of the responsible Minister in the NASSIT delegation that traveled to the DAMEN Shipyard offices in the Netherlands, to inspect and purchase the vessels in June 2008, represented a naked attempt by the Trust’s management to ingratiate and incorporate a ministry, that largely lacks the requisite technical and professional expertise in the fields of actuarial risk management, pensions, acquisition of ferries and social insurance to effectively contribute to the weighty issues the Trust confronts in its investment strategies.

According to the expert report prepared on behalf of the ACC in its investigations, the NASSIT management headed by Edmund Koroma spent the unbelievable sum of 2,819,122 million pounds (two million eight hundred and nineteen thousand one hundred and twenty two pounds sterling) on 2 inoperable ferries that should not have cost more than 500,000.00 pounds (five hundred thousand pounds) inclusive of repair costs.

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Car insurance for BABIES?!?!?!

New babies can be exciting, fun, and time-consuming, as all parents know. They can also be quite expensive. Diapers and clothes are likely to put a serious dent in any parent's budget, but new babies don't always result in more costs for a parent. In some cases, a baby can actually decrease certain bills. This can be the case with your car insurance premium. Some auto insurance companies offer a special discount to new parents, so if you've recently had a child, it's important to check whether your insurance provider offers any sort of a discount program for parents and to look for ways to take advantage of such a program.

The idea behind discounts to a new parent's car insurance premium is that having a baby makes an adult driver more careful. Driving with a baby consciously and subconsciously changes many of the bad habits of drivers. Even if your baby isn't always in your vehicle, many car insurance companies believe that simply having a baby is enough to make you a more defensive driver. As car insurance companies want to offer lower rates to drivers who present less of a risk, some will offer car insurance discounts to new parents. This is by no means a constant policy throughout the car insurance industry, however. Some car insurance companies discount the importance of a child in an auto insurance policy, and for these companies, new babies won't affect rates one way or the other.

It's still important to report your new baby to your car insurance company in order to determine whether or not they have a discount policy. You may also be ready to increase your personal injury protection coverage, depending on your medical insurance and a number of other factors, if you've recently had a baby. Talk the matter over with your insurance company and be sure to ask how the child will affect your policy. If your baby won't have any effect, it may be a good idea to look online at different car insurance options. Other insurers may offer car insurance discounts for new parents, so you may be able to save a significant amount of money by looking into your options. Use a quote comparison website to find the best possible car insurance premium. Read through a few quotes and talk to a few car insurance representatives; be sure to mention your baby during the conversation. By doing your research, you should be able to push your car insurance premium down. Remember, you'll need the extra money if you're a new parent.

Teens Pay Double on Car Insurance

Start with the discount specifically created for teens. Insurance companies have determined good students are better drivers. Most insurance companies offer a good student discount that can really boost your savings. Encourage good grades averaging above a 3.0 grade point average. Have your teen’s most recent report card ready to go when purchasing car insurance. If a 3.0 isn’t possible at the time you add your teen driver, the discount can always be added on at a later date if the grade point average improves.

Occasional Operator
Sharing a car with your teen is a great way to save some cash. Most carriers can then list your teen driver as a secondary or occasional driver. Make sure to mention it to your agent because it is possible for this discount to slip through unnoticed.

Choosing the Right Vehicle
If sharing is still not in your teen’s vocabulary or busy schedules just don’t allow for sharing, be smart about picking out a vehicle for your teen. Look for something reliable yet affordable. You don’t want your teen stranded on the side of the road, but at the same time you don’t want to take out a loan on their vehicle either. Depending on your price range, look for a vehicle ranging in age from 6 to 10 years old. Check for air bags and other safety features. Liability insurance on a car with air bags is cheaper verses one without because air bags reduce the potential of serious injury.

PLPD Coverage
Selecting the right coverage for your teen driver could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. If you followed the rules above about choosing the right vehicle, you are in a good position to insure the vehicle with personal liability and property damage, PLPD, only. To get PLPD only you cannot have a loan on the vehicle, and you’ll want to be in the position where you can replace the car on your own if something were to happen to it. PLPD is the least amount of insurance you can purchase making it the cheapest. Physical damage is the most expensive coverage for a teen driver. Avoiding physical damage coverage such as comprehensive and collision can save you a lot on car insurance premiums.

Resident Student Discount
A licensed teen away at school still needs to be insured. Even when your teen won’t have access to a vehicle insurance is usually still required because they will come home from time to time. An even deeper discount is available through most insurance carriers for students away at school. If your teen is away at school make sure your insurance company knows about it.

Insure on Parent’s Policy or on a Separate Policy
Which is cheaper adding a teen onto their parent’s policy or on a separate policy? It is a tricky question to answer. Insurance companies vary so much it’s impossible to say which the best route to go is. Theoretically, adding a young driver to their parent’s policy would be the cheapest way to go. The teen driver would get all the parent’s big discounts such as multi-car and multi-policy.

Some insurance companies have to rate a teen on all the vehicles on the policy, not just the one being driven by the teen. This is the biggest reason it may be cheaper to put a teen on a separate car insurance policy. If a teen is automatically rated on all the vehicles and a couple of the vehicles have full coverage, you will be paying a higher rate. Having a teen on a separate policy ensures the insurance company is only charging for the use of one vehicle. Major discounts can sometimes extend to a teen on their own policy if they live in the same household as another policy holder with the same carrier.

Teen drivers can be very expensive to insure. Think ahead when it comes to insuring your teen. Start working harder on good grades, shop around for the best vehicle, and minimize your coverage. Find out from your insurance agent if an away at school discount is available and also check into having your teen on a separate policy to reduce premiums. A driver’s license is a rite of passage for most teens. Don’t let the high price of insurance get in the way of your teen’s new found freedom.

Reducing the Costs of Auto Insurance

Buy home and auto with different companies: With everything being bundled today – from cell phones to Internet and cable TV – you’d think that having your home and auto insurance with the same company would save money. But, do your research and you may discover that having separate policies will be cheaper.

Minimum liability? Not enough: You may think you can only afford the minimum coverage required by law. But, there’s a good chance those minimums won’t come close to covering the costs of a serious accident – which means you could be paying WAY more than you bargained for if you’re at fault.

Shop around for lower rates: A State Farm agent only quotes State Farm. Same for Allstate. So what are the chances their agent will tell you to shop around for the best deal? Even independent agents only represent a few auto insurers. Shopping online allows you to fine-tune the deductibles and coverage you want and then compare auto insurance rates side-by-side.

Go green and keep some green: Look for auto insurance quotes from companies that offer “green” discounts for driving a hybrid, choosing paperless statements or electronic payment plans. Even signing your policy with an e-signature will help.

Note: most hybrids are too expensive to finance with a subprime auto loan, although you can take advantage of the other money saving tips here.

Consider paying that claim yourself: If you’ve backed into the garage, think twice about asking your company to repair it. Besides the possibility that your rates will go up at renewal, that small claim might affect rates next time you shop. An accident can only affect your rates for three years, but many companies will look back five or seven years when deciding if they want to offer you a quote.

Don’t buy that turbo convertible: All vehicles are not created equal. Small or large, old or new, the type of car you drive will affect your auto insurance rate, often based on algorithms auto insurance companies use to determine how expensive it might be to pay a claim.

Teenager turned 16? Don’t add them to your policy – yet: If your teen is 16 but not a licensed driver, you’re not required to add them to your insurance policy. You’re only required to insure them once they become licensed to drive. But check. Some policies may require it.